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Our technical team has a vast knowledge of the various types of Textile Finishing Range in each and every segment of natural to manmade fabric of different application such as saris, dress-materials, shirting-suiting, knits, terry towel etc. We have therefore prepared a package of different products for each and every segment which enable the fabric processor to minimize his finishing chemical inventory. The products of various packages complement each other and therefore are very cost-effective and we can proudly claim that we can give our customers one of the most economical finishing recipe cost.


Textile Finishing Range

  • Low Yellowing Cationic Softeners
  • Amphoteric Softeners For Yarn Dyeing
  • Body Fillers
  • Specialty Cationc And Polyethylene Wax Emulsion Blends
  • Thread Lubricants And Wax Emulsions.


Silcone Emulsions - Wide Range Of Speciality Micro And Macro Emulsion For :

  • High Crease Recovery Angle
  • Superior Surface Smoothness
  • Durable Soft Handle
  • Ealstomeric And Bouncyness Feel
  • Exceptional Drape And Limpiness For Heavy Fabrics
  • Luster And Silkiness
  • Enhanced Wash Resistance And Resilience
  • Excellent Hydrophylicity With Low Yellowing And Unmatched Aesthetic Feel

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